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The new ICFLC & ICFLC-W ledger connector system is engineered to solve the challenges of mounting steel or wood ledgers on insulated concrete form (ICF) walls. As CF gains popularity as a viable means of residential construction, the problem of attaching floor joists to an CF wall becomes a concern for the contractor. Simpson’s ledger connector system is easy, quick and versatile to use. The perforations in the embedded leg of the ICFLC permit the concrete to flow around it, anchoring the ICFLC securely within the block. The exposed flange provides a structural surface for mounting either wood or a steel ledger.
*For composite wood version (F-ICFLC-CW), call factory for availability.
Material: ICFLC -- 14 gauge, ICFLC-W -- 16 gauge.
Finish: Galvanized.

Installation of ICFLC:
Snap a line for the top of the ledger and mark off the required on-center spacing.
Cut vertical kerfs at the marked location on the ICF
Insert an ICFLC bracket through each cut. To secure the ICFLC prior to placing concrete, glue the exposed flange to the ICE
Place the concrete.

Attachment of Wood Ledger:
Slip the ICFLC-W underneath the wood ledger.
Attach the 6 screws partially into the ledger, starting at the bottom of the ICFLC-W.
Position the ICELC-W with the ledger up against the ICFLC and drive the screws through the wood and the ICELC.

Attachment of Steel Ledger:
Position the steel ledger up against the ICFLC and drive the required number of screws through the steel ledger into the ICFLC.
All screws shall be located at least 1/2 from the edge of the ICFLC
Space screws evenly